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ユーティリティ 仕事効率化
開発者 Azitech Pty Ltd
4.99 USD

Have you ever used the original "Trane Ductulator". Well you will know how easy this fantastic design tool is to use. We have used these original cardboard calculators for over 20 years and now we have written an equally easy to use HVAC sheet metal duct sizing program for the iPhone.

Forget all the complicated duct sizing programs available out there. As an experienced HVAC designer you will know that all you want is a quick and simple to use program.

This is what we have created for you.

The designer selects two parameters and the program calculates the remaining parameters. The parameters are Velocity, Pressure drop, Flow rate and Duct size. The ducts can be either round or square in shape.

This program allows for calculations in both metric and imperial units.